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Ridge Gallery


Meet Ridge Gallery!

146-C E. Main St. Spartanburg, SC

Ridge Gallery, situated in the heart of downtown Spartanburg, is an exciting new addition to the city’s artistic landscape. Serving as a vibrant hub for the creative community, this gallery is poised to become a central meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Its mission is to foster a dynamic space where people can gather, engage, and discuss various forms of art, from traditional painting and sculpture to cutting-edge digital and multimedia art. The gallery is committed to promoting a diverse range of artistic expressions, making it an inclusive platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work and share their ideas. With its dedication to nurturing creativity and cultural exchange, Ridge Gallery is set to play a pivotal role in enriching the artistic dialogue of Spartanburg.

Gallery Events

Visions of the Feminine

Join us in celebrating the photographic talents of Mike Ethridge and Diana Deaver during the month of June. With a focus on the archetypes of the feminine, Diana and Mike blend artistic imagery with psychological depth to explore and celebrate both the various aspects of womanhood, and the universal feminine energy that exists in all of us—male and female alike. Showcasing the beauty and complexity of the feminine spirit, each piece in this collection inspires viewers, inviting them to appreciate the intricate interplay between visual beauty and the archetypal stories that shape our understanding of the feminine in art and life.

First Friday Artists Reception

June 7th, 5-8pm. Artist Talk begins at 6:15pm.

Art Walk

Stop by and meet fine art photographers, Mike Ethridge and Diana Deaver. Find out what inspired their Visions of the Feminine show and how they create their artistic images! Thursday, June 20th, 5-8pm. Artist Talk at 6:15pm.

Ridge Gallery Interior

Carrie Caldwell: Gallery Manager

Carrie Caldwell has been an avid photographer since the age of 11, when she was given her mom’s old brownie camera. As an adult, she has built a career as a professional photographer; shooting weddings, family sessions, and documenting her worldwide travels. Carrie has worked closely with  the local arts community in Spartanburg since 2019, and has always been impressed with the number of talented creatives in the area. She is excited to help build a new space that will serve artists of all mediums by offering a unique location for them to show and sell their artwork.

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